A Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Business

A Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Business

We like to think that our business is part of nature. When working with bees is very easy to realise how complex our ecosystem is and every little change could have an effect on something else.

When we started our business we had some decisions to make, for example, what packaging materials we use, whether is glass or plastic jars or how we wrap our products to provide sufficient protection while in transit. Also, it was an important question, what do we do with our waste and recyclables.

We decided at the beginning that we will work hard to reduce our plastic and CO2 footprint, and will always try to improve on the way to make Raw Artisan Honey a truly eco-friendly company.

We learned many things on the way by trial and error. Especially trying new protective materials, which sometimes resulted in a bunch of broken glass in a sticky mess... But you have always been amazing and understandable when we had to send you the replacements. :)

(By the way, it is no matter how hard we try, delivery people will always find the way to smash a box of honey...)

So we think that there is always room for improvement in how we do everyday things. For example, we reuse all incoming cardboard boxes, cardboard sheets from pallets as protective packaging or loose fill. Virtually putting zero paper in the recycling bins, and reusing all in house.

Here is an announcement to make!

Our new improvement which we are very happy about is our new sustainable jar wrapping method.
We started on trial bases a few months ago to change our foam wrapping (btw this was recyclable too) to a new more eco-friendly and sustainable so-called Geami wrapping material. Which is technically a perforated stronger kraft paper sheet with a softer paper lining which forms a strong honeycomb-like 3D structure and provides very good protection and it is shock-absorbent.

Sustainable packaging method

Some of you have already met our new packaging but now it has passed the tests and I am pleased to announce that we are moving forward to change to this Eco-Friendly and sustainable packaging method.

Raw Artisan Honey is now a big step closer to achieve our goal to be a 100% Eco-Friendly and Sustainable business!

Our Packaging materials:
Glass Jars - widely recyclable
Metal Lids - widely recyclable
Hessian top - natural biodegradable material
Cardboard Boxes - widely recyclable
Protective Wrapping Paper - widely recyclable

Raw Artisan Honey - Eco-friendly business

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