Artisan Damson Plum Jam - No Added Sugar

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  • Artisan Damson Plum Jam - No Added Sugar
  • Damson plum jam, 100% Natural

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100% natural Artisan Damson Jam

Rich flavour with vanilla and caramel notes, taste the real fruit. Made with the ripest hand selected Damson Plums in the peak of the season by a traditional slow cooking method in a copper cauldron.

100g jam made of 320g fruits.

Ingredient: 100% Damson Plum, Total Natural Sugars in the fruit: 30g/100g

Net weight: 380gr

100% Natural Product FREE from Additives

  • NO Artificial Preservative
  • NO Artificial Sweetener
  • NO Colourings
  • NO Artificial Flavourings
  • NO Added thickener

    Doesn't contain added thickeners like gelatin or pectin!
    No added sugar or honey!
    100% Vegan, Vegetarian

    Keep in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, after open keep it refrigerated and consume within 2 weeks.

    Product of Hungary

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