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  • Raw Woodland Honey - Raw Artisan Honey Shop
  • Raw Woodland Honey - Raw Artisan Honey Shop

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Raw Woodland Honey is a Multi-Floral variety.

The bees have collected nectar in a Woodland are where mostly chestnuts, oaks, willows and some evergreens can be found along with a variety of wildflowers and herbs it can also contain honeydew.

The honey is darker colour then wildflower and its flavour is more aromatic, very similar to chestnuts honey. Notes of toffee, males and dark chocolate can be discovered.

The composition of the multi-floral honey is always different seasonally and by regions. This honey is known as one of the most beneficial as the wide range of medicinal herbs, tree nectars and plants visited by the bees providing all their goodness to the Woodland Honey. The Raw Wildflower Honey has a wide variety of sugars, organic acids, essential oils, rich in minerals and containing elements that enhance beneficial physiological effects.

 Health benefits of Raw Woodland Honey

  • Higher mineral content
  • Helps Hay fever sufferers
  • Advised for sensitive stomach
  • It strengthens the immune system
  • Has a natural antibiotic effect 

Good to know: Woodland honey has the tendency to crystallise quickly. This is a natural process of honey and it does not affect the quality. If you prefer runny honey just place the jars in warm water (max 40C) or put it on the radiator and it will return to its runny form. Never microwave Raw Honey!

Harvested: Wilderness of North Hungary,  in mid summer 2016

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