Greek Raw Pine Honey 450g

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Greek Raw Pine Honey 450g
Greek Raw Pine Honey 450g

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Flavour: Aromatic, reminding of marzipan, hint of pine nuts.

Produced by our friend, Thomas and his family in mainland Greece, just about 2 hrs North of Athens. Thomas is a 3rd generation bee-keeper, learned everything from his father and granddad.

Our Greek Raw Pine Honey is excellent quality, perfect match with greek yoghurt and on nuts or on hot toast.

Pine Honey is the most iconic honey variety of Greece.

Highly regarded in Greece for it's healing properties.

Health benefits of Raw Pine Honey

Pine honey has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s antioxidant, immunostimulant, cleanser, helps in the cure of some bacterial, dermatological, degenerative, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
When used externally it is beneficial for wounds and anti-rheumatic diseases.
It could be used against ovaries inflammation. Also used to cover burns and scalds and for treatment of sore throats due to colds or flu.

High in minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, zinc, boron, iron, copper.

Origin: Pine forests of mainland Greece

Greek Raw Pine Honey 450g
Greek Raw Pine Honey 450g
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Gary L.
United Kingdom
Artisian honey

Very good , would certainly order again, at some point.

Wendy H.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Delicious honey

I have ordered more honey from R.A.W as it is so delicious and healthy. I highly recommend it.

Mary E.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Delicious honey

It's now my new favourite. Thank you very much.

United Kingdom United Kingdom
My favourite!

Out of almost 10 honey's I've bought and tried from this company, this honey is my absolute favourite so far... I will of course continue broadening my taste bubs with honey's I've yet to try. The raw pine honey will be in the majority of my purchases though with its perfect balance of sweetness that's not too sweet.

Sheila G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Best Honey ever

Although i haven't yet tried this one I am sure it will be excellent as have been getting honey from Raw Artisan for a few years now and its always excellent quality and taste