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Raw Artisan Honey started 2013 when we (myself- Tamas and my fiancée Andrea) visited our good friend Csaba, who is a beekeeper. He is a passionate beekeeper and looking after his bees like they were his children. This level of care and commitment resulted in his exceptional quality raw honey. We are buying his honey for over 10 years, and we always loved it, even since we live here in the UK we brought it back with us. Somehow the taste and smells keep reminding us of our childhood, those breakfasts, cakes and other lovely stuff made with this fantastic gift of nature. When our friends started to ask about the honey we always bringing from home, we brought more for them as Christmas gifts or for other occasions. The feedbacks have always been great, and after a while, we were asked to bring more. It didn’t take long to realise that people love the quality and the philosophy behind the artisan honey.

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Our aim at Raw Artisan Honey is to help the producers to keep on doing the great job they do. Getting a fair price for their hard work and provide a sustainable business for their families. We are always communicating with our beekeeper friends and passing on the great feedback we get from our clients.

We are not mixing our honey from different sources, we believe that honey is like wine, it has a characteristic by the type of plant it’s been collected from, and the hard work and care the beekeeper invested in it. Therefore, all our honey has a great traceability back to the producer and its character always as it has been at the time of harvesting.

If you buy our products you can be 100% sure that the honey you buy has never been pasteurised, heat treated, microfiltered or mixed with honey from different sources.

You can take our word for it! Would you like to be totally confident to buy from us? We are so confident in our honey that we offer you a 100% guarantee. If you are not 100% happy with your purchase just send it back to us, and we will either change your product or refund your purchase price.

We would love to hear from you!

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Raw Artisan Honey Shop is the trading name of Sandor's Artisan Ltd.

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