Greek Raw Thyme Honey 450g

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Thyme Honey_Raw Artisan Honey
Greek Raw Thyme Honey 450g

State: Semi-runny, very thick

Flavour: Aromatic, rich flavour of wild thyme, herbs, savoury flavours; fresh and reminiscent of tropical fruits, dates and white pepper.

Produced by our friend, Thomas and his family in mainland Greece, just about 2 hrs North of Athens. Thomas is a 3rd generation bee-keeper, learned everything from his father and granddad.

Our Greek Raw Thyme Honey is fantastic quality, perfect match with greek yoghurt or on a cheese board. Also perfect for skin care.

Thyme Honey is considered to be the king of honey.

Highly regarded in Greece for it's healing properties.

The colour of thyme honey is light amber to amber when liquid, beige to brown when it is crystallized, it is a very strong, intensely aromatic honey. The taste is persistent, lingering in the mouth. It crystallizes spontaneously in a short time into medium or fine grains.
Wild thyme is found in the wild in dry, rocky Mediterranean regions, in the high altitude of the mountains of Greece. Because thyme grows wild it is usually organic in nature although there are no certification standards in place.

Health benefits of Raw Thyme Honey

The active ingredients of Thyme are the biocides, Thymol and Carvacrol extracted from the oil of Thyme. It has excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties, and it is still used, in Greece, as a poultice for wounds, to prevent infection. Also used to cover burns and scalds and for treatment of sore throats due to colds or flu.

Origin: Highland region Euboea Island of Greece

Thyme Honey_Raw Artisan Honey
Greek Raw Thyme Honey 450g
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Margaret A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
The most addictive honey of them all.

Gorgeous lush rich flavour, a spoonful night and morning is a treat to look forward to. Slightly warmed to soften it slightly from its winter consistency makes it perfect.

Kerry B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Time for Thyme

Enjoyable taste drizzled on roasted carrots and my herbal teas

Raw Artisan Honey Shop Greek Raw Thyme Honey 450g Review
Teresa A.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great service with attention to detail. Everything is kept to a high environmental standard, which means so much to me and the bees! Thank you for my nutritious and delicious honey ❤️

Harry R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Thyme Raw Honey

Previous orders were of a consistently suitable for yogurt, This was very thick even after warming. The taste was very nice though.

Robert P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Not opened but seems Crystallised

Why is it yellow and not as pictured ? Solid !

Raw Artisan Honey Shop Greek Raw Thyme Honey 450g Review
Raw Artisan Honey Shop

Dear Robert, Thank you for taking the time to write a review. The crystallisation is the nature of raw honey, it is a natural process and it doesn't affect the quality or the nutritional value of the honey. In fact, crystallisation is a good indicator that the honey hasn't been heat-treated and it is pure. Most of our honey is crystalised particularly in the wintertime. Bees don't produce honey in the winter, therefore the honey you received is from the previous season. Honey from the previous summer is the freshest honey you can get in February, not only from us but from any beekeeper or shop. We do not heat-treat or honey just for the stake to keep it runny for longer. I can understand that you prefer runny honey but also many of our customers like the set honey. So is very hard for us to cater to everyone's liking and at the same time keeping the honey in its natural form without any processing. There are several ways to gently warm your honey at home without causing any damage to the honey. You can find more information here. I am proud to say that we sell out all our honey from season to season and we are not carrying any old stock. I can see your previous orders were in June and August. You mentioned that the honey you received at that time has been runny. The reason for this is that it was probably harvested a few weeks before at the peak of the season. The hot weather in summer keeps the honey runny for longer and also the lower winter temperatures will speed up the crystallisation, some varieties do set faster than others. I hope the crystallisation won't put you off consuming raw honey. I hope I was able to clarify your concerns, if there is anything else I can be of your assistance please do get in touch at info {at} rawartisanhoney {dot} com. Kind regards, Tamas RAW Artisan Honey Team