Organic Raw Forest Honey

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Organic Forest honey, raw artisan honey
Organic Raw Forest Honey
Raw Forest honey, forest flowers

State: Set/Soft-set

Flavour: Subtle, mild flavour and smell of wildflowers   

The Organic Forest Honey is raw, unprocessed organic certified pure honey.  Harvested in the forests, meadows, and fields of the Baltic Sea region, the western part of Lithuania, Northern Europe. Lithuania is famous for its unspoiled natural environment, rolling hills broke up by small rivers and streams running into the baltic sea.

The Forest Honey is of a light brown amber colour with a subtle, mild flavour and smell of wildflowers. Harvested from the forest trees at their blossom time, both conifers (fir, pine) and deciduous (maple, oak, willow, hazel, sallow) and some of the wildflowers, herbs, bushes, and grasses growing around and blossoming in the woods, where the beehives are kept during the harvesting season, such as wild thymus, heather, sweet clover, wild raspberry and blackberry, buckthorn.
The Organic Forest Honey is highly valuable raw honey variety because of the wide range of herbs, botanicals and tree nectars it contains. Highly acclaimed for its medical qualities to cleanse the body and boost the immune system, soothe sore throats and coughs.
Also widely used as a natural sweetener in bakery and great in different kinds of teas or even coffee.

Origin: Lithuania, the Baltic Sea region, Northern Europe.

Weight: 220g

Organic Forest honey, raw artisan honey
Organic Raw Forest Honey
Raw Forest honey, forest flowers
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Elwina C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Amazing honey

I was never a honey lover before, because I have never come across a honest product. This honey converted my opinion! They are mild in sweetness which allows the natural floral taste to shine. I almost finished my first jar and I can’t wait to try the organic raw buckwheat honey from this company. Would love to find out how different they taste and which one I prefer.

Susan G.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Really good honey, just the right sweetness. Love it on my yogurt

Ambrin B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Images not the same as product.

The nice packaging/wrapping is not included.

Raw Artisan Honey Shop

Dear Ambrin, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. The picture of the Organic Forest honey is the same as the product itself. It doesn't have the decorative hessian top. Kind regards, Andrea

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Worth buying again

Nice thick honey. I liked it and hence bought it again. On opening it the first time there is a distinct aroma that is not very sweet, but it reduces over time, it does not affect the taste. It is not a very sweet honey.

Alison M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Raw artisan honey

I have been enjoying every variety from raw artisan , i think , probably over a year now, i love all of them so much, i use them at every possible chance i can, with butter and cinnamon on my toast, on my fruit, in my yoghurt, baking, sauces, just straight off a spoon ,, any which way i will enjoy, thankyou guys