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  • Raw Sunflower Honey - Raw Artisan Honey Shop
  • Raw Sunflower Honey - Raw Artisan Honey Shop
  • Raw Sunflower Honey - Raw Artisan Honey Shop

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Raw Sunflower Honey is a Mono-floral Honey

The flavour of Raw Sunflower Honey is identical, aromatic and tasty, very similar to the taste of sunflower seeds. Sunflower Honey is crystallising medium fast, its colour depends on of the flavonoids content and varies from light gold to orange. The Raw Sunflower Honey has a water content of 17-19% and it has  4-7% sucrose. This honey is slightly acidic with the PH of 4.5-3.6, therefore it is not recommended for gastric hyperacidity sufferers.

Health benefits & use of Raw Sunflower Honey

Raw Sunflower Honey is excellent for cooking and baking, it has an antiseptic effect therefore very good if you have a sore throat, could be added to tea or fantastic on toast with butter.

Good to know: Raw Sunflower honey crystallises very fast and it has a lovely crunchy texture with large crystals. It is very likely if you order Sunflower honey from us, it will arrive set (crystallised) state. This is because we are not heat treating our honey. If you prefer your sunflower honey soft or runny, we would recommend putting the jar on the radiator for a few days and it will return to runny or will soften up. Alternatively, you could just place it in some hot water and make sure the temperature is not higher than 40 °C.

Origin: North West Hungary, the Danube region

Harvested: Late July – August 2016

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